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Kyle Hobratschk Studio I 411 N. Beaton Street I Map A

Kyle Hobratschk is a printmaker and wood worker. His furniture making feeds and provides a basis for his printmaking, and in turn his renderings and print processes develop ideas that are realized in finely crafted wood furniture. "Self-referentially, I make furniture pieces from wood that help make drawings and etchings and more furniture pieces," explains Kyle. Occasionally he draws and paints outdoors letting landscape influence his interiors.

Nancy Rebal Studio I 405 N. Beaton Street I Map B

Until moving to Corsicana Nancy Rebal had worked exclusively in two dimensions. Now the artist has added sculpture to her paintings, large drawings and mixed media pieces. According to Nancy the 2D work "creates a world within the studio for the sculptural figures to inhabit."

Patricia Pelehach Gallery Wah Wah I 308 N. Beaton Street

Map C


For Patricia Pelehach art is a way of making physical those things that she is able to intuit but can not adequately describe in words. Her work is influenced by many things including jazz, gender, justice and Zen. Each generates a different response and is explored by the artist in a different medium.

Tim Pattison Studio I 202A N. Beaton Street I Map D

Tim Pattison paints images you've seen before in ways that you haven't. Drawing form the canon of traditional western art, Pattison paints cowboys, horses, rodeo and western wildlife in stylized and textural oil paintings. The artist's recent work features tapestry-like acrylic paintings on unstretched canvas with the same bold designs as his oil paintings.

Gladys Espenson I 119 W 6th Avenue I Map E

Gladys Espenson began creating stain glass in 2002. Her glass designs and work in repairing stained glass have led to commissions for windows in churches and businesses in Corsicana and beyond. She also paints in watercolor and oils, and  recently she has been exploring epoxy creations for the home. Gladys is the president of the Corsicana Art League and will be showing her work and offering demonstrations for the Studio Tour at the Warehouse Living Arts Center.

Chuck Miller Fine Art Studio I 636 N. 13th Street I Map F

Chuck Miller has always been fascinated with the human form. Although he paints primarily nudes he prefers to show the viewer more than is actually there. His work is about what is not seen rather than what is actually portrayed on the canvas. Chuck paints mature strong beautiful women with curves and experience.

Deb Miller Fine Art Studio I 636 N. 13th Street I Map G

Deb Miller likes portraying strength and power. Although she will find herself working on a particular theme for a time, it seems these themes all push her along on the journey of being an artist. Creativity takes over and steers her into a new and unexpected directions. "I like working out new techniques and solving specific problems and am not afraid to wipe the paint off of a canvas if it is not working right." Striving in every piece to achieve the visual balance of color and energy — sometimes color is energy – sometimes it’s the line work that creates the movement and the power.